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Sizzle ! The Joy of Erotic Massage DVD

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Arouse Your Senses For Heightened Sexual Pleasure! From Sinclair Institute comes the Sizzle! The Joy of Erotic Massage DVD. Real couples explicitly demonstrate both basic massage techniques and advanced methods to relax, arouse and explosively satisfying! You?ll learn how to build climatic excitement by sensually stimulating your partner?s most sensitive body parts ? neck, breasts, nipples and genitals. You?ll see instruction from head to toe and learn every sensual technique. It?s amazing how a simple touch can send shivers through your entire body. So imagine what erotic massage will do to you and your lover! With just the right touch, erotic massage can be as pleasurable, if not more pleasurable ? and satisfying ? than other forms of intimacy. Get ready to participate in a feast of the richest sense ? touch! Produced Under the Guidance of Masters In The Art of Massage ? And Human Sexuality! Erotic massage is the gift of loving touch. It?s the gift you?ll find as equally exciting to give? as to receive. Watch this video together with someone you love ... and celebrate a whole new world of sensual excitement! 60 minutes.
Sizzle !  The Joy of Erotic Massage DVD