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What The F ck? The Totally F cked Up Game

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This game has over 400 of the most f cked up questions you've ever heard! The person having a turn rolls the dice to find out what question along with 2 possible answers from the book they will be asked. All other players vote on which answer they think was chosen. Drinks are handed out to the players who guessed the wrong answer. This game is guaranteed to get you and your friends wasted. Even the winner, who is declared so by having the least amount of drinks, will be seeing double. This game includes two different question books, dice, and playing chips which is all you need for 2-100+ players. Game box measures 7.75L x 6.5W x 1.5T. Please drink responsibly. Now everyone will know What The F ck happened the night before! English.
What The F ck? The Totally F cked Up Game