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Hearts Desire Warming Body Massager

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From Classic Erotica comes the Heart?s Desire Warming Body Massager. Play together?massage together?love together! The heart-shaped body massager is easy to use?caresses each body curve during massage with tantalizing, warm enticement. Bend the metal disc inside the body massager to activate heat source. The massager will heat up to 129 degrees F (54 degrees C). Test on small area of the body for comfort prior to full application. Glide smoothly over desired area of body for a warm, sensual body massage. To reuse, just re-heat in boiling water for 7-10 minutes or until crystals re-liquefy. Use non-piercing tongs to carefully remove heated body massager from water and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature suitable for body contact. Do not heat in microwave. Pair with a favorite massage oil or lotion.
Hearts Desire Warming Body Massager