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Papaya Candy Stick - Apple

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Candy Stick, from Papaya Toys, is completely waterproof and fully submersible. Unlike a lot of other toys on the market, Candy Stick can join you in the bath. Why not try a little Wet & Wild Candy Stick fun? You know you want to. Candy Stick is 10 glorious inches of potent pleasure. Feel it spin and spiral sweet sensations that will enhance and multiply your pleasure, weather you use it externally or internally. Medical Grade Silicone makes for a smooth skin like feel. It is delightfully flexible and warms beautifully to the touch. It is nonporous making it easy to clean and to disinfect. With a the easy to use soft touch buttons you can increase or decrease the vibration, as well as switch between 3 different pulsation programs. PAPAYA Toys are battery powered. Unlike other high-end toys that need to be recharged before using, you don?t have to wait for Candy Stick to pleasure you. And because there is no charger to fuss with, you can just as easily enjoy Candy Stick when you travel as you do at home.
Papaya Candy Stick - Apple